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Life & Health Insurance Expert



We at BIMA4YOU financial Services, serving as an Insurance agent with Life Insurance Corporation Of India & Star Health Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. For the past 5 years. Working with 450 + families and handling premium of more than 1crore and having insured value of more than 20 crore presently having a Divisional Club Membership.

We Ask
We Listen
We Negotiate
You Save

That’s because we don’t sell you insurance, we help you buy it. We help build and manage insurance planning opportunities. We offer valuable result oriented services to help you increase revenue, expand and fulfill your financial planning and expand your network of opportunities. We are specialized in helping families to maximize their savings through Life Insurance products by means of:

Child Education planning
Financial Planning through
Reducing your Income Tax liability
Financial freedom after Retirement

We understand and believe that we can help to keep your mind at ease, with some simple proven smart money management strategies and customized recommendations.



  • Premiumn collection Of LIC Policy
  • Aadhar and PAN No registration in LIC Policy
  • Payment Mode Change of LIC Policy
  • Address Change in LIC Policy
  • Bank Account (NEFT) registration in Your LIC Policy
  • Tax Certificate For Premium Paid of LIC Policy
  • Loan Related Service Of LIC Policy
  • Nomination Related Query On LIC Policy
  • Assignment Related Query Of LIC Policy
  • Check the Status Of LIC Policy
  • Money-Back / Maturity Related Query Of LIC Policy
  • Re-Start LIC Policy If Not Paid Since Long Time
  • Policy Transfer To Your Nearer LIC Branch